Botox for Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are tiny creases that form at the outer corners of the eyes and radiate out towards the temples. Given that crow’s feet are most noticeable when your face is in motion, they are called dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are largely attributed to tension that has built up in the expressive muscles or the muscles responsible for facial expressions. As people grow older, repeated use of these muscles results in tension that manifests at the surface of the skin. Botox is a powerful, FDA-approved product that’s capable of smoothing out crow’s feet and other dynamic wrinkles across the visage by temporarily relaxing the expressive muscles.

How Botox Cosmetic Injections Work

Botox treatments are simple and convenient. This non-surgical procedure does not entail any cutting, tissue removal or recovery time. Once injected, the Botox solution will affect nerve signals that control the expressive muscles around the outer corners of your eyes. This will cause the expressive muscle to relax and the lines at the surface of the skin to smooth out.

Why Botox is the Preferred Treatment for Crow’s Feet

This treatment provides temporary results that last for up to four months. It is great for people who are leery of making permanent changes to their appearances through more invasive and longer-lasting procedures, such as facelifts. Side effects are unlikely. In fact, as soon as your injections are complete, you will be free to immediately return to most all of your normal activities. The treatments can be repeated at our office multiple times per year for ongoing benefits.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Before performing any injections, our provider will review your cosmetic concerns and discuss your goals for this procedure. Botox can be safely used to address crow’s feet, frown lines across the brow and dynamic wrinkles around the lips. Once the target areas have been identified, the treatment session can be planned.

During the treatment, the product is skillfully injected into the preselected area(s). By injecting very minute amounts of this product into the targeted areas, our experienced provider will be able to minimize fine lines and wrinkles without altering your ability to make a broad range of facial expressions.

How to Know if Botox is Right for You

The best way to determine if Botox can work for you is to schedule a consultation at Renew Laser Clinic in San Mateo. Contact our office today to book your appointment to learn more!

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