SculpSure® Fat Reduction

SculpSure® – Non-Surgical Fat Reduction. Now FDA-Approved for Double Chins! (Submental Area)

SculpSure®: A Smarter Way to Sculpt™

Dr. Adele Makow, Medical Director at Renew Laser Clinic, listened to her patients. She heard their frustration when they couldn’t get rid of stubborn fat, even though they were eating well and exercising regularly. She understood just how discouraged they were when they talked about their “muffin tops”, “saddle bags” and “love handles”. She also recognized that down time and significant side effects were not an option for most of her patients.

Dr. Makow was determined to find a solution. She researched non-surgical fat reduction treatments for over five years, and she personally tested each device she considered. None of these devices met her exacting standards for safety and efficacy – until she tested SculpSure®. Convinced that she had finally found the answer her patients were looking for, Dr. Makow introduced FDA-approved SculpSure® to her practice.

What is SculpSure®?

SculpSure® is the first FDA-approved laser treatment for non-surgical fat reduction. Unlike procedures that freeze the fat, SculpSure® safely uses heat to reduce fat without any significant side-effects.* SculpSure® treatments do not produce the irregular body contouring and chronic nerve pain reported with fat-freezing procedures.

Now FDA-Approved for Double Chins (Submental Area)
Improve your profile in 25 minutes! SculpSure® was recently cleared by the FDA to treat unwanted fat under the chin. This non-invasive treatment can now remove the fat, and give you a defined, contoured appearance under your chin.*

Lose 24 in 25
SculpSure® can reduce fat in the treated area by up to 24% in just 25 minutes.* Patients can comfortably treat an area like the abdomen, flanks, or the area under the chin, and immediately return to work, the gym, or other daily activities.* Dr. Makow and her staff will supervise your entire treatment to ensure your comfort during your SculpSure® procedure. You’ll see visible results in as little as 6 weeks, and you’ll see optimal results in 12 weeks!*


Am I a good candidate for SculpSure®?
The ideal candidate is someone who has tried diet and exercise, and still has areas where the fat won’t respond. Dr. Makow will assess those areas during your consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for SculpSure®.

How many treatments will I need?
Each patient is unique, but most patients will benefit from multiple treatments. Dr. Makow will create a customized “treat to complete” plan for you based on the area(s) you would like to address, and the results you would like to see.

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What will I feel during a SculpSure® treatment? Will it hurt?
At first you will feel a cooling sensation that will keep your skin comfortable during the treatment. As the treatment progresses, many patients report feeling heat and mild tingling. You should feel the laser working, but you shouldn’t feel pain. Dr. Makow and her staff will monitor your entire treatment to make sure you are comfortable.

How long does a treatment take?
It only takes 25 minutes to treat an area with SculpSure®! You can literally “lunch and lose”- come in on your lunch hour, have a treatment, and go right back to your normal activities, including exercise.

Can I treat more than one area on the same day?

What will my skin look like right after my treatment?
Your skin may be slightly red right after your treatment; you may also notice some minor swelling.

I have dark skin – is SculpSure® safe for my skin type?
SculpSure® is FDA-approved for all skin types, and is safe to use on darker skin tones. The laser only targets fat cells, and will not affect the surface of the skin.*

When will I see my results?
You’ll see visible results in as little as 6 weeks, and you’ll see optimal results in 12 weeks.*

How long will my results last?
The fat cells in the treated area are destroyed and won’t come back.

Is it still possible to gain weight after a treatment?
Yes. The fat cells in the treated area are destroyed, but SculpSure® is not a weight loss treatment. You will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid weight gain.

Can I treat the same area more than once?
It is possible to treat the same area again, and most patients will see additional benefits from more than one treatment. Dr. Makow will assess the area at your 12 week follow up to determine if you need an additional treatment.

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*Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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